Luxury Concierge

Thanks to our multiple contacts all over France especially the French Riviera region, England, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain, Dubai. We are able to provide you with all that you need in a blink of an eye.

Everything from finding the perfect Michelin star chef for your Breakfast, a Helipad near the pool for your afternoon sunbath then reserving a VIP table in an overbooked club to spend your evening.

We have served many high profile clients and understand their fast paced lifestyle, therefore our response time is almost instantanious and could provide all their needs within the same day.

Arranging and reserving your whole planning while providing top quality service is what we do on a regular bases.


Limousine, Mercedes and all type of vehicules will be reserved for all your needs


For all your marine needs
Service on board, Tender service, all available ports near you and reservations


We reaserch every restaurant near your voyage and propose a list with all possible choices while respecting your culinary needs

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In our line of business having a contact on site makes all the difference, to supply you with a table in an overbooked show is the kind of tasks we accomplish regulary.

You won’t have to worry for a second when you’re with us because « impossible » isn’t a word we use at Design Concept Solutions.

Our Services

  • Finding and reserving the best restaurants and hotels for your stay
  • Multiple propositions on every demand within your journey
  • Yacht docks and tender services
  • Helipads and possible routes suggestions
  • Private plane landing sites
  • Table reservation in all high profile exclusive clubs and restaurants

We are also capable of handling and creating a multiple days program containing all your needs with multiple choices for you to choose from